Screenshot API Request Templates

A request template allows you to reuse web request settings in your screenshot request instead of including the same information such as the quality, viewport and more in every request.

This feature not only saves time, but also ensures consistency across your screenshot requests.

Request template settings are encrypted at rest and during transit, providing enhanced security for your API requests.

How to add a request template

Manage request templates on the templates page as shown in the example below.

Screenshot Request Templates

How to use a template in a request (real-time GET request)

The template can be used in the request query URL or in the JSON body of a POST request.

First, copy the Id of the template as shown above.

The example below shows how to take a real-time website screenshot using the template with the Id "template_kx2qOAhRf" (replace the template Id with your own template Id).

// Line breaks added for readability

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