Hide Elements

Hide elements on an website before taking a screenshot.

This feature is useful for hiding extra elements such as notices.

Hide Element Name

The name of the element to hide, such as a table, div, button or more must be specified. The hide value can be by:

  • Text such as &hide=Search
  • Name such as &hide=mytable
  • Id such as &hide=#mytable
  • Class Name such as &hide=.large-table

View element selection examples.

To hide multiple items, repeat the hide parameter such as &hide=.element1&hide=.element2

Hide Elements Example

The screenshot below shows a website with all elements visible such as the header with a search bar and headings.

Screenshot with elements visible

The example below will hide the header with the search bar based on the Id "#gb" and hide the headings based on the class name ".Z3lOXb".

// Line breaks added for readability https://api.addscreenshots.com/screenshots

Screenshot with hidden elements