Wait (Delay)

Add a delay in milliseconds to wait for content to load before taking a screenshot.

For full page screenshots, consider using scroll wait to mimic scrolling down the screen and wait for a specified duration to trigger populate-on-demand content.

Default Wait

A screenshot is only taken when the network connection is idle for 500 milliseconds, meaning that all of the images and dynamic content was downloaded.

The default wait is 0 milliseconds.

The maximum wait duration is:

  • Free Plan: 5000 milliseconds (5 sec)
  • Start Plan: 10000 milliseconds (10 sec)
  • Pro Plan: 30000 milliseconds (30 sec)
  • Enterprise Plan: 60000 milliseconds (60 sec)

Incomplete Content Example

There are websites that loads additional content after a page has loaded. For example, a webpage may load low quality or placeholder images to speed up the page load time and subsequently load high quality images 1 second later after the page load has completed.

The example below shows a screenshot where content is loaded after the page has been idle for more than 500 milliseconds:

Delay Wait Screenshot

Wait Example

Here is an example request to take a screenshot by waiting for an additional 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds) after the page load completed.

// Line breaks added for readability https://api.addscreenshots.com/screenshots