FTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

Capture website screenshots and upload the images directly to your secure FTP server.

Automating the process of taking large volumes of screenshots from multiple URLs, sitemaps, text files or an entire domain; and uploading the images to your FTP server can be achieved with a single Screenshot API call or a click of button using the Website Screenshot Builder.

How to upload images to your FTP server

The following parameters are available when uploading screenshots to your FTP server.
Parameter Required Description
ftp Required The fully qualified path to the FTP server, including the username, password, root path and port (optional).
For example: ftps://username:[email protected]:21/root/
file Optional The name or pattern for the file without the extension
The default is a unique identifier (see pattern examples)
folder Optional The folder name or pattern for the file (see pattern examples)
html Optional When set to true, the HTML markup will be uploaded too

Upload a single screenshot to your FTP server (real-time GET request)

The example below shows how to take a real-time website screenshot and store the image an the FTP server in the "images" folder with the file name "website.png".

// Line breaks added for readability https://api.addscreenshots.com/screenshots

&ftp=ftps://admin:[email protected]:21/site/wwwroot

Your API key can be found on the API Keys page. Need an API Key? Sign up to get started.
For internal applications, replace YOUR_API_KEY with your own unique API Key.
For public facing websites or hotlinks, generate a signed URL.

The API response will include the path of the image on your FTP server as shown below:

  "success": true,
  "message": "Screenshots completed.",
  "storage_provider": "ftp",
  "images": [
      "file": "website.png",
      "request_url": "youtube.com",
      "page_url": "https://www.youtube.com/",
      "image_url": "/site/wwwroot/images/website.png",
      "html_url": "/site/wwwroot/images/website.html",
      "size": 1622727

Uploading multiple screenshots to an FTP server (POST request)

The example below shows how to take multiple screenshots using a POST request and upload the images to an FTP server, where the screenshots are stored in the folder {domain} (pattern) with the filename {filepath} (pattern).

POST https://api.addscreenshots.com/screenshots/bulk/multi?apikey=YOUR_API_KEY

  "urls": [
  "ftp": "ftps://admin:[email protected]:21/site/wwwroot",
  "file": "{filepath}",
  "folder": "{domain}",
  "quality": "80"

The API response will include the number of screenshots as shown below:

  "message": "The screenshots are being processed.",
  "jobId": "536b69dbefa240d493330ae5de1c0d46",
  "screenshots": 7

Look for the Job ID on the Usage Logs page to track the request.