Take screenshots from 18 global regions

The benefits of taking screenshots from multiple locations

  • Reduce latency for better performance
  • Access country-specific content
  • Optimize your website for global audiences
  • Track regional website changes and trends

What is the default region for taking website screenshots?

The region parameter is optional. If the region is not specified then the Screenshot API will automatically try to find the closest region based on the caller's location or default to a US region.

Add Screenshots is available in 18 regions across the globe

The list of regions supported are shown below.

Display Name Region Code
US (Embedded video and Double-Byte-Font support) premium-us
US Central (Iowa) us-central
US East (Virginia) us-east
US North Central (Illinois) us-north-central
US South Central (Texas) us-south-central
US West (California) us-west
Brazil South (São Paulo State) brazil-south
East Asia (Hong Hong) asia-east
Southeast Asia (Singapore) asia-southeast
Japan East (Tokyo, Saitama) japan-east
Korea Central (Seoul) korea-central
Australia East (New South Wales) australia-east
North Europe (Ireland) europe-north
West Europe (Netherlands) europe-west
France Central (Paris) france-central
Switzerland North (Zürich) switzerland-north
UK South (London) uk-south
UK West (Cardiff) uk-west
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) uae-north

How do I take screenshots of a website in a specific country or region?

Choose your desired region and our tool will capture a screenshot of the website from that location. This allows you to view how your website appears to users in different regions and ensure optimal performance for each location.

For example, searching google for "rental cars" in US Central will produce different results compared to performing the same search in Australia.

A sample request searching for "rental cars" from US South Central (Texas) using the &region=us-south-central URL parameter:

// Line breaks added for readability https://api.addscreenshots.com/screenshots

Your API key can be found on the API Keys page. Need an API Key? Sign up to get started.
For internal applications, replace YOUR_API_KEY with your own unique API Key.
For public facing websites or hotlinks, generate a signed URL.

Google Search Screenshot - USA

An example request searching for "rental cars" from Australia East (New South Wales):

// Line breaks added for readability https://api.addscreenshots.com/screenshots

Google Search Screenshot - Australia

Pinpoint regions on a map

Each region is shown below on a map thanks to https://whatismycountry.com/.

US Central (Iowa) "us-central"

Screenshot from US Central

US East (Virginia) "us-east"

Screenshot from US East

US North Central (Illinois) "us-north-central"

Screenshot from US North Central

US South Central (Texas) "us-south-central"

Screenshot from US South Central

US West (California) "us-west"

Screenshot from US West

Brazil South (São Paulo State) "brazil-south"

Screenshot from Brazil South

East Asia (Hong Hong) "asia-east"

Screenshot from East Asia

Southeast Asia (Singapore) "asia-southeast"

Screenshot from Southeast Asia

Japan East (Tokyo, Saitama) "japan-east"

Screenshot from Japan East

Korea Central (Seoul) "korea-central"

Screenshot from Korea Central

Australia East (New South Wales) "australia-east"

Screenshot from Australia East

North Europe (Ireland) "europe-north"

Screenshot from North Europe

West Europe (Netherlands) "europe-west"

Screenshot from West Europe

France Central (Paris) "france-central"

Screenshot from France Central

Switzerland North (Zürich) "switzerland-north"

Screenshot from Switzerland North

UK South (London) "uk-south"

Screenshot from UK South

UK West (Cardiff) "uk-west"

Screenshot from UK West

United Arab Emirates (Dubai) "uae-north"

Screenshot from United Arab Emirates