Turn a Website URL into an Image with Add Screenshots

With Add Screenshots, you can turn any website URL into an image by capturing snapshots of any online website, fast and reliably. All you need is the URL of a website and your API key, and you can create a free account to get started.

Our API offers a range of options like full page screenshots, quality compression, and different screen viewport sizes. You can choose between jpeg and png formats for your images, and set the frequency of the screenshot capture to hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Integrating our screenshot API into your application is easy and seamless. You can use our API with popular programming languages and frameworks like NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more.

Whether you need to capture a single screenshot or generate thousands of images, Add Screenshots can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Sign up for our free plan today and start turning website URLs into images with our fast and reliable screenshot API.

Step by step guide to create a screenshot

All you need to turn a web page into a screenshot is:

  1. The URL of a website (e.g. google.com)
  2. Your API Key

What are the default website screenshot options?

Screenshot will be taken using the following default settings:
  • Full Page: false (only show what is on the screen without the full scrollable area)
  • Quality: 100 (the highest quality without compression)
  • Format: png
  • Viewport: 1920x1080 (width 1920, height 1080, 1080p Full HD Desktop)
  • Mobile: false (mimic a mobile or tablet device)
  • Device Pixel Ration (DPR): 1 (balance between ritna resolution and file size)

What does a website screenshot request look like?

Here is an example request to take a screenshot with the Screenshot API using the default options:

// Line breaks added for readability https://api.addscreenshots.com/screenshots

Your API key can be found on the API Keys page. Need an API Key? Sign up to get started.
For internal applications, replace YOUR_API_KEY with your own unique API Key.
For public facing websites or hotlinks, generate a signed URL.

What does a website screenshot response look like?

URL to Image screenshot example: URL to Screenshot

How can I combine screenshot options?

To combine multiple screenshot options, use the pattern &option=value, where option is the name of the setting (such as viewport, format, quality) and the corresponding value.

The example below shows how to add additional options to the request such as capturing a full page screenshot with a 1024x768 viewport:

// Line breaks added for readability https://api.addscreenshots.com/screenshots

Full screen screenshot example with a 1024x768 viewport (screen size): Full Page Screenshot