Screenshot API Response Codes

When using the Screenshot API, you may encounter different HTTP response codes, each indicating a specific status or error. The following are the most common response codes:

Code Type Description
200 OK The screenshot request was successful.
201 Created The request was accepted and will be generated in the background for taking large volumes of screenshots from multiple URLs, sitemaps, text files or an entire domain.
400 Bad Request The request is invalid and may contain invalid parameters.
401 Unauthorized The API Key is missing or invalid. When using your Public API Key, a HMAC SHA256 based64 encoded URL is also required.
402 Payment Required The account has expired (e.g. your subscription renewal payment failed).
403 Forbidden An unsupported request method was used (e.g. PUT or DELETE).
424 Failed Dependency A third party dependency failed (e.g. Access was denied to upload screenshots to your storage account).
500 Internal Server Error An unexpected error occurred.